About MGC

MG Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. is a Sri Lankan based professional consultancy firm providing services in the areas of Community Development, Water management, Transportation, Environment & Land, Health, Information and Communication Technology, and Education.

MG Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (MGC), established in 1998, is a Sri Lankan based professional consulting firm. Since its inception, MGC has effectively and efficiently supported development initiative of the country by providing consulting services to many large and complex projects funded by the government agencies, major donor organizations and the international development organizations that contribute to the socio-economic growth of the country. MGC offers quality consulting services from project inception to completion.


To be the regional centre of excellence in consultancy services by 2020


Provide professional expertise in social and physical infrastructure for national and regional development initiatives.

A List of Our Services in Relation to Project Implementation

Pre Project Implementation:
  • Conceptualize Projects to Meet with the Client's Requirement and Aspirations,
  • Consult Stakeholders,
  • Design and Conduct Feasibility studies,
  • Design and Conduct Need Assessments,
  • Design Projects and Prepare Project Proposals,
  • Construct Logical Framework
  • Develop Human Resources,
  • Formulate the Strategies to Obtain Participation of Stakeholders and
  • Design Project Management Information Systems (MIS)
Project Implementation:
  • Construct Terms of References,
  • Conduct Baseline Surveys,
  • Provide Technical Support in Project Implementation
  • Forecast/Estimate Development Scenarios,
  • Provide Project Implementation Supervision, Especially in Construction Work
  • Monitor and Assure the Quality of Project Input/Output,
  • Conduct Progress Reviews including Mid-Term Reviews,
  • Assess Project Outcomes and Impacts and Evaluate the Performance of Project Staff.
  • Implement the Strategies of Stakeholder Engagement
Post Project Implementation:
  • Evaluate Project Impacts
  • Conduct Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys,
  • Capture Unexpected Outcomes and Impacts,
  • Highlight the Lessons Learned and Publish of Project Results,
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