Provincial Road Development Project (PRDP)

19 November 2014

The Provincial Road Development Project (PRDP) under the JICA Loan SLP-96 was awarded to MGC – ECL Joint Venture in October 2011.  A total length of 349.5 km of road network, bridges and other structures in the Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces are rehabilitated, improved or reconstructed under 22 contract packages in the Central Province and 20 contract packages in the Sabaragamuwa Province, thereby contributing to the development of the local economy through the improvement of the road network.In addition to the construction of the identified road network and bridges in the two provinces, for the sustainability of the project and maintenance of the road network, the following specific activities will also be carried out.


  • Enhance the capacity of local contractors, staff of PRA’s and MLGPC staff by providing assistance and training.


  • Develop institutional capacity of PRA’s by upgrading the offices, provision of equipment required for materials testing, training of staff and road maintenance.


  • Improve suitable feeder roads to enhance the socio-economic benefits of the project by implementing a suitable facilitation scheme with Community Based Organizations (CBOs).