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Baseline Assessment of Pilot Project - Explore and Describe the Communities’ Knowledge on Non Communicable Diseases and Related Services Funded by the Ministry of Health - 2012

The chronic Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) had been a primary issue of the national health agenda in Sri Lanka.  Accordingly, the control and prevention of the NCDs were highlighted and recognized as a priority area of work in the national development and health policy and plans.  The National Policy on Chronic NCD prevention has been addressed diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and chronic respiratory diseases.  The strategies for reduction of major risk factors: smoking, alcohol, obesity, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyles had been implemented through the existing health network with the support of both government and non-government organizations in the country 

The baseline assessment carried out by MGC was aimed to explore and describe the community’s knowledge on NCDs and NCD-related services, reasons for their inadequate voluntary involvement in NCD prevention and management, reasons for bypassing primary care services, needs and expectations of the community in preventing and controlling NCDs and suggestions that the community could provide to improve health service provision

Bathymetric Survey of the Batticaloa Lagoon under NECCDEP– 2009/2010

The Batticaloa Lagoon, covering over 10,000 ha, had been the third largest basin estuary in Sri Lanka and the largest in the Eastern Province.  The lagoon provided a multitude of environmental ‘goods’ (e.g. fish, prawns, mangrove timber) and environmental ‘services’ (e.g. drainage, sewage disposal, scenic beauty).  The lagoon had been the defining feature of Batticaloa Town 

Changes in freshwater inputs, land use practices or sea level fluctuations, etc. and the nature of the changes themselves and the impact of human interventions in affecting the inflow and outflow flow of water in the lagoon and land use changes within the catchments of the lagoon were poorly understood and no baseline data existed against which to monitor future changes in the hydrology of Batticaloa Lagoon 

Hence, the first bathymetric survey of Batticaloa Lagoon to enable researchers, developers and planners to better monitor and plan for future changes in the hydrodynamics of the lagoon was completed with a technical study supported by the available secondary data