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ICT Usage in Business & Workforce Survey, e-Sri Lanka Development Project funded by the World Bank - 2009

ICT Usage in Business and Workforce Survey 2009 was the second repeat survey of ICT Workforce Survey 2004, followed by ICT Workforce Survey 2006.  This survey aimed at further bridging the information gap between demand and supply of ICT workforce in Sri Lanka.

The target organizations were the ICT suppliers (IT companies), the ICT users (non IT companies), the IT enable services / BPO (Business Process Outsource) sector companies, the Government organizations – Ministries, Departments, Statutory Bodies and IT training organizations in Sri Lanka.  The information on BPO sector and ICT usage in business were considered as a baseline as these sectors were not captured in the previous surveys

IEE for Blocking out of Land in Panadura

IEE for Hotel Development at Siyambalawewa, Dambulla

IEE for Sigiriya Lake Villas Thalkote, Sigiriya

Impact Evaluation of Implementation of NBUCRAM

Impact Evaluation of School Rationalization Programme

Impact Evaluation of School Rationalization Programme

In Country Training for Master Trainers

Institutional Audit of National Institute of Education

Inter Sectoral Study of Education & Health

IT for Rural Youth Sub-Project

Improving Connectivity - Eastern and North Central Provincial Road Project (ENCPRP) funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The improvement of transport connectivity in conflict-affected areas of North Central and Eastern provinces should break the isolation and provide opportunity for the affected community to expand their business or to start their new businesses.  A consortium of MGC, Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (ECL) and Cardno Acil Pty Ltd of Australia  a chosen implementer for the project funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 

The main objective of the Eastern and North Central Provincial Road Project (ENCPRP) was to improve connectivity in the transport network of two relatively poor and conflict affected areas of provinces.  The additional objectives were to conduct on-the-job training for the Employer’s staff and to formulate a performance management system of the project.  The improved roads contribute to the poverty reduction and improve connectivity to previously neglected areas that support a socially inclusive development.  With the completion of the project, the institutional capacities of the Provincial Road Development Authorities of the East and the North was strengthened, particularly in planning, programming, contract administration and their institutional capacity in road asset management 

The project was implemented by the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government (MPCLG).  The project commenced in January 2010 and completed in August 2014.  The consultancy consortium deployed national and international professionals and was responsible in the administration of contracts and the supervision of construction of 151 km of secondary roads (Class C& D), associated bridges and major drainage work in Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts

ICT workforce growth - ICT Workforce Survey 2013, e-Sri Lanka Development Project funded by the World Bank

ICT Workforce Survey 2013 was aimed at fulfilling essential information needs of the ICT sector in Sri Lanka.  The general scope of the survey was the growth of the ICT workforce over time, its composition by major job categories, overall demand and supply of the ICT workforce, jobs in demand, technical and soft skills required to perform different job categories and the state of the supply pipeline of IT professionals 

The target organizations were ICT suppliers (IT companies), ICT users (non IT companies), Business Process Outsource Companies, Government Organizations – Ministries, Departments, Statutory Bodies and IT Training Organizations in Sri Lanka.  The project completed successfully in 2013

Infrastructure Development of Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council of the Metro Colombo Urban Development Project funded by the World Bank

MGC with Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (ECL) formed a Joint Venture (JV) for the implementation of the activity “Infrastructure Development of Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council” 

The Metro Colombo Urban Development Project aimed at was implemented by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development.  The focus of the project were on (i) high-priority catalytic metropolitan investments aiming to reduce the physical and socio-economic impacts of flooding in the capital city area and (ii) local infrastructure and service delivery and long-term capacity building for local authorities and implementation support

One of the project activities, Infrastructure Development of Dehiwela Mount Lavinia Municipal Council (DMMC) initiated in June 2012 and completed in September 2014.  The JV had deployed domestic experts in order to provide the consultancy services for the design, tender and supervision stages of the project