Our Projects

Rehabilitation and Improvement of Roads under Road Network Development Project funded by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)

Road Project Preparatory Facility (RPPF) Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

An association of Cardno International of Australia (Lead Firm), SMEC International of Australia, MGC and Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (ECL) was a selected implementation party for project implementation 

The objective of this Project was to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study of road project preparatory facility, the detailed engineering design of 2,400 km of Provincial Roads and 350 km of National Highways and provide procurement assistance.  The project implemented by the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils (MPCLG) commenced in March 2007 and completed in June 2010

The consultancy consortium had deployed a set of international and local experts for the construction supervision, preparation of detailed engineering designs, economic analysis, sensitivity and risk analysis, resettlement plan, an indigenous people development plan and carried out engineering topographic surveys

Road Sector Development Project (RSDP)