MG Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. is the largest engineering consultancy provider in Sri Lanka offering expertise in Expressways, National-Provincial and Rural Roads, Water and Waste Water, Irrigation, Ports, Harbours, Airports, and Railways. MGC also has a proven track record for Social and ICT consultancy and ICT solution implementation. Since its formation in 1998, the company has provided consultancy services to numerous large-scale projects at all stages of project development from the conceptual stage through to post-completion analysis. Our prestigious clientele includes some of the largest Line Ministries of the Government of Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries, delivering projects funded by major international donors and development organizations including JICA, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.


To be the trusted partner in providing innovative infrastructure solution to emerging markets.


To provide committed, approachable and recognized partnerships and world class expertise to bridge infrastructure gaps by delivering unmatched, economical solutions.

Quality Policy


Our priority is to be quality conscious in everything we do and we are committed;


1) To provide and deliver consultancy services in our areas of expertise to the highest quality.

2) To build on our core business by continuously enhancing our portfolio of expertise.

3) To build a quality culture within the organization and in-build quality consciousness as a core strength of MGC.

4) To use our Global reach to evolve and develop the quality of our offerings customized to different clients, cultures and environments.

5) To ensure continual improvement of the Quality Management System that satisfies the applicable requirements of all interested parties.

Our Response to COVID-19


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The MG Group is a leading force in infrastructure creation. With over five decades of experience, MGG delivers end-to-end solutions for all your infrastructure development needs. Headquartered in Sri Lanka, but operating in over thirty different countries, out of several regional offices, spread across five different continents; they offer a global wealth of knowledge and expertise in industries ranging from Transportation, Education and Health facilities; to Land; Water Resource Management, Information Communication Technology, Renewable Energy, and Urban Development. The Group consists of seven Companies namely; MG Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Roughton Group (UK), Enterprise Technology (Pvt) Ltd, ECL Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd and ECL Property (Pvt) Ltd.
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With over four decades of experience in the industry, ECL offers consultancy services from project conceptualization through to completion in a wide range of fields. Catering both to mega-scale projects as well as commercial and government civil construction requirements. ECL compromises of two main divisions, the Architecture and Building Division focuses on civil engineering projects and the Infrastructure Division focuses on large-scale infrastructure projects. Each of these divisions provide service offerings from a wide array of fields. MG Consultants acquired ECL in the year 2002.
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Founded in the 1960s and responsible for some of Britain’s iconic structures in rail transportation, such as the London Underground and several London stations; the Roughton Group was acquired by MG Consultants in 2016 and now is responsible for many new infrastructure projects being commissioned in rapidly developing Eastern European countries and parts of Africa. Roughton’s merger brings with it a wealth of expertise along with a reputation for quality and innovation.
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It is a known fact that a greener environment reduces global warming. With a hope of a greener future, MGC initiated the Adopt a Tree Campaign—to highlight the importance of trees and forests on a global scale. This campaign, therefore, aims to see more trees being planted to inspire people to seek more ways to make a positive difference to the environment and make their lives and those of others more sustainable.


MGCs promise is to plant a million trees in a decade.

Our Clients

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