MGCs Information and Communication Technology Sector predominantly focus on providing dynamic, effective and affordable technology-based solutions to our clients. Our vast experience in designing, developing and executing projects is our key strength and assists us to take on innovative, unique ICT projects that improve the operational efficiency of both public, private organizations.  MGC has years of experience in providing a wide range of IT services for our clients which includes technology-enabled business transformation, solution implementation, program and project governance, application support services and management services. MGC has also contributed to the development of ICT in Sri Lanka by contributing our expertise in various ICT initiatives within the country.

The key value proposition of MGC ICT sector is to provide an end-to-end information technology enabled solution for its Clients business problems that would also align with the people, process, technology while bringing the industry best practices to its proposed solutions.

Service Lines

Business Transformation Consultancy

Solution Implementation

Project Management/ Program Governance

ICT Managed Services

Our Projects

Implementation of the first ever WRMIS to enhance and assist the warehouse operations in Sri Lanka.

Project: April 2015 – July 2015. Funding Agency: World Bank

The Government of Sri Lanka launched a program with the assistance of the World Bank to assist farmer-producers by providing them with access to quality storage facilities to store their agricultural products during harvesting times so that they have the opinion to sell more gradually after harvest and to facilitate the use of such products as collateral to access financial services by developing an electronic warehouse receipt financing program. WRMIS enables warehouse operators to perform the warehouse operations including the issue warehouse receipts for the depositor, maintain stocks, facilitate reporting for the decision making process and prepare payment scheduling to banks on behalf of the depositor farmers when they receive sales proceeds from buyers. Further financial institutes, the ministry of finance and other regulatory bodies support by defining regulations. The solution covers the following major modules/ features: Facility to maintain records of received commodities, Facility of issuing warehouse receipt which could be used as collateral for loans from banks to farmers, Inventory control system, Manage/ meet the compliance requirement of the regulator, Work-flow management with proper control mechanisms for all main processes, Comprehensive reporting facility/MIS, Support in decision-making.

Transformation from Employer Centric Organization to Member Centric Organization.

Employees Trust Fund Board: 2017. Funding Agency: ICTA.

The technology enabled Business Transformation mainly focused on the transformation of ETFB Sri Lanka from its traditional business operations to envision a business solution enabling to become the Prime Social Security Service in the country. The Business Transformation Consultancy was focused on the member-centric, modernize operational procedures of the ETFB to cater to the growth in the industry by alignment of People, Processes, and Technology alignment with ETFB strategic business objectives. The goals of the assignment were to convert the current operations from Employer Centric to Member Centric state of operations, Ensure the job security of the ETF Staff, Drive towards a paperless environment, Expedited & simplified business processes, Up-to-date data for real-time online decision making with Business intelligence, while removing non-value adding activities and backlogs.

Transforming NSBM by aligning industry leading practices by implementing a UMIS, for them to become the leading knowledge hub of South Asia.

Funding Agency: Government of Sri Lanka.

The National School of Business Management (NSBM) intended to achieve its major objective of enabling a high-level technology-based business process to ensure scalability from 6000 to 30000 students.

A business transformational consultancy and a university management solution implementation was carried out to ensure that NSBM achieves the objectives.

The technology enabled Business Transformation mainly focused on the alignment of people, processes and technology with NSBM Organization objectives, standardization process documents, and user Journeys & scenarios, application of value added/ non-value added analysis and change management strategies.

This project also included a University Management Information System (UMIS) which was implemented as a solution and an institutional support service to manage the student lifecycle from inquiry to alumina and to derive useful information for operational activities, decision making and planning processes for NSBM.

Our Products

RINSIGHT Project Monitoring Dashboard –

The RINSIGHT dashboard system will provide project status updates at your fingertips. The well-crafted dashboard system summarizes and simplifies data to derive business intelligence through real time comprehensible data visuals. Moreover, the system supports data to be retrieved from multiple sources. The clear visual presentation of data in the dashboard will allow your team to focus on the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and align business processes with your strategic goals.

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MGG Action Tracking –

MGG Action Tracking System is an innovative solution of MGC’s ICT sector, that is currently utilized by the MG Group of Companies. This system builds up a discipline that plan your activities according to the defined business objectives and goals, while breaking them to more workable action items with defined target dates and statuses. MGG Action Tracking System is a feature-rich action item tracking solution, retaining analytical tools along with smart dashboards.