MGC’s recent involvement with the World Bank funded project…

MGC’s recent involvement with the World Bank funded project…


MGC signed an agreement with the Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project (DSWRPP) funded by the World Bank to conduct an Environmental Assessment, in February 2015. This assessment is a prerequisite to the commencement of rehabilitation of dams and related structures of the irrigation reservoirs of Ulhitiya-Rathkinda, Henanigala, Pimburaththawa, Babarawana, Pussalavinna and Muwagammana. Thus, MG Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (MGC) continued to assist the rehabilitation of water reservoirs operated by the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment through the DSWRPP, implemented with the objectives of maintenance of structural and functional safety of the dams and related structures of irrigation water reservoirs.

It has been reported that some of the dams of major irrigation reservoirs have structural deficiencies and shortcomings in operating and monitoring facilities, due to their ageing. This situation has reduced the operational efficiency in terms of intake, storage and distribution of irrigation water and has threatened the safety of the population and the socio-economic infrastructure of the downstream. MGC along with the reservoir management staff and the beneficiary groups of each reservoir, will verify the required rehabilitation activities, record the calculated time needed for the required rehabilitation and describe the anticipated negative impacts to the surroundings, the possibility of unintended transportation of plants and the direct and indirect effect on animals including wild elephants in the sanctuaries located in the locality of the reservoirs. Eng. D.C.S. Elakanda, the Project Director of DSWRPP explained that the study would provide recommendations specific to each of six reservoirs, the appropriate mitigation measures to avoid, minimize, remedy or compensate for the expected negative impacts due to rehabilitation.

The final product of the environmental assessment study will be a site-specific Environmental Management Plan, consisting of options in mitigation measures, rehabilitation alternatives, and a monitoring programme to achieve overall environmental sustainability of the proposed rehabilitation.

This environmental assessment is an important add up to MGC’s involvement in the World Bank funded projects in Sri Lanka says Ranjith Gunaratne, Managing Director, MGC.