Safety of water storage for irrigation

the Social Safeguard Management Programme for Nachchiaduwa, the Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project funded by the World Bank
Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project intend to rehabilitate 80 dams in the country, out of which 32 were considered as “high-risk” to the public safety. Under the Social Safeguard Management Programme, the Project had identified 7 high risk dams out of the 32 to carry out a Comprehensive Social Assessment (CSA)
This assignment was made for Nachchaduwa Tank in Anuradhapura district and it required to conduct a CSA and draw and implement livelihood risk mitigation plans in accordance with the Livelihood Support Assistance Plan (LSA), where livelihoods were likely to be affected substantially, during the rehabilitation of the dam and appurtenant structures. This project successfully concluded in 2010