MGC provides consultancy services which assist the development and rehabilitation of vulnerable communities affected by development projects. The core expertise includes technical assistance, surveys, research, project monitoring and evaluation.

Areas of expertise include social impact assessments, community mapping, livelihood support assistance plans, safeguarding communities, resettlement action plans, mitigation plans for natural disasters activated by climate change etc.

Service Lines

Improvement of National Public Health

Promotion of National Agribusiness Expansion

Development of National Agricultural Policies

Assistance for the National Educational Program

Assistance in the Formulation and Implementation of Development Projects


  • Resettlement of Displaced Communities due to Implementation of Development Projects
  • Mitigation of Impacts of Environment due to Implementation of Development Projects
  • Assessment of Environmental Impact in Project Feasibility Studies

Advancement of National ICT Usage

Our Projects

Developing agricultural models

2018 | Assessment of available models of Farmer Producer Organizations in Sri Lanka and Development of a detailed report on available models.
Consultancy introduced an innovative staggered FO/ FPO model to be developed keeping in line with cultural attitudes and political climate of the country.

Ensuring the effectiveness of community resettlement

Ongoing since 2016 | External monitoring of resettlement activities of New Bridge construction project over Kelani river
The consultancy reviews the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan process of the project and assess the achievement of resettlement objectives, changes in living standards and livelihoods restoration of the economic and social base of the affected people, the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of entitlements, the need for further mitigation measures if any, and to learn strategic lessons for future policy formulation and planning.

Assessing baseline environmental and social conditions

2017 | Assessment of Environmental and Social Baseline Conditions of Ponds in the Jaffna City Region
The consultancy aimed at conducting a baseline assessment on the prevailing environmental and social conditions of ponds in the Jaffna municipal council. This baseline assessment which would help prepare terms of reference in preparation of an Environmental Assessment and a Social Assessment for possible interventions, i.e De-silting and embankment protection in the Jaffna city region.

Environmental Management

2016 | WB Funded Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project – Environment Assessment and ensuring of social safeguards for rehabilitation of Thondamanaru Barrage
The main objective of the assignment was to prepare an Environment Management Plan (EMP) before rehabilitation of Thondamanaru Barrage in the Jaffna Peninsula.

The EMP included:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential environmental impacts due to the intervention, Recommendation of appropriate
  • Mitigation measures and presentation of adequate project options in terms of mitigation measures, project alternatives and monitoring programme for project implementation aiming at achieving overall environmental sustainability

Health sector surveys

2017 | Survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Tuberculosis in Sri Lanka.
Island-wide field Survey to capture the prevailing Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in relation to Tuberculosis. The survey was conducted in 9 provinces and 25 districts utilizing a 5000 sample population
A two-pronged approach was adopted incorporating a quantitative KAP study; targeting the general population and a qualitative study with focus group discussions, targeting special groups.

Strengthening the national education system

2012 | ADB Funded (Loan No. 2371/G0091) Education for Knowledge Society Project – Consultancy Services Package 2

The key objective of the Education for Knowledge Society Project (EKSP) was to assist the Ministry of Education to improve the quality, relevance, effectiveness and equity of access to secondary education, in particular in rural and disadvantaged locations. The Consultancy Services Package 2 was intended to strengthen and upgrade Ministry of Education (MoE), Department of Examinations, National Evaluation & Testing Service (NETS) the Centre for Excellence in English Education (CEIEE), and the Centre for Education Leadership Development (CELD) of National Institute of Education. Specialized expertise was provided by a team of International and National consultants to achieve this goal.

Ensuring social safeguards

2011 | WB Funded Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project – Social Safeguard Management Programme for Nachchaduwa Tank.

The consultancy entailed a Social Safeguard Management Programme identified 7 high-risk dams out of the 32 to carry out a Comprehensive Social Assessment (CSA). This assignment is for the Nachchaduwa Tank in Anuradhapura District and it requires to conduct a CSA and draw and implement livelihood risk mitigation plans in accordance with the Livelihood Support Assistance Plan (LSA) framework, where livelihoods are likely to be affected substantially.

Assessing demand and growth in Sri Lanka’s ICT sector

2013 | WB Funded e-Sri Lanka Development Project – ICT Workforce Survey 2013 – ICTA/AFC/CQS/310/59

ICT Workforce survey 2013 was aimed at fulfilling essential information needs of the ICT sector in Sri Lanka. The general scope of the survey covered the growth of the ICT workforce over time, its composition by major job categories, overall demand for and supply of the ICT workforce, jobs in demand, technical and soft skills required to perform different job categories and the state of the supply pipeline of IT professionals.