When it comes to road transportation systems, interconnecting economies by optimizing the flow of people, goods, and services has been our defining characteristic. The increasing global demand for mobility has created opportunities for us to demonstrate our craft to meet the travel, transformation, and logistical needs of rapidly developing economies.


 Having gotten our start in road rehabilitation consultancy, then building local expressway systems, we now offer solutions for commercial transportation paths on land, above it, and even underneath it.


We are now branching out globally into Asia, Europe, and Africa focusing on building smart road transportation systems, which integrate technology with functionality and leaving the possibility for future expansion.

Service Lines

Detailed Investigation and Designs of Roads and Structures

 Design Reviews

Contract Administration

Construction Supervision

Feasibility Studies

Baseline Surveys and Benefit Monitoring

Traffic Studies and Pavement Condition Analyses

Public and Construction Safety

Quality Control / Assurance Procedures and Quality Audits in Construction

Design and Management of Performance Monitoring Systems

Management of Public Complaints and Resettlement

Effective Traffic Management in Road Construction

Environmental and Social Management

Effective, Transparent and Proven Financial Management

Road Maintenance Management Systems

Our Projects

Southern Transport Development Project, Construction Supervision of Pinnaduwa–Godagama Section

January 2017 (original scope completed)

The project comprised the Construction Supervision of the South Section – Pinnaduwa to Godagama (30.25 kms) 4-lane standards including pavement works in Galle Port Access Road of length 5 kms. The project is to widen and complete the construction work of the partially completed South Section of the Southern Expressway from 2-lane standards to 4-lane standards

ADB Loan No. 1986 – Road Sector Development Project – Provincial Road Component

October 2008

The Project was for rehabilitating and improving approximately 15% of the C, D, & E class roads and bridges in the North Western, North Central, Uva and Western Provinces of Sri Lanka.

JBIC ODA Loan No. SL – P76 – Provincial Roads Improvement Project in Central & Sabaragamuwa Provinces

December 2009

The project was to rehabilitate around 300 km of secondary roads (Class C, D & E) and rehabilitate/reconstruct dilapidated bridges on the selected roads in Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

ADB Loan No. 2080 – Road Project Preparatory Facility

June 2010

The project was to undertake a comprehensive Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design of improving 2400 km of C, D, & E class roads and 350 km of A & B roads in the country. Apart from the above roads, 350 km of A & B class roads and additional roads in Jaffna were added to the Contract as variations.

JBIC ODA Loan SL-P 86 – Tourism Resources Improvement Project – Project Management Consultancy – Component on Roads in Sigiriya and Negombo

July 2011

The project was to enhance the tourism industry in four major tourist destinations of Negombo, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Nuwara Eliya.

Metro Colombo Urban Development Project (Design & Tender Stage)

March 2013

The project consisted of two main components; Flood & Drainage Management and Urban Development and Infrastructure Rehabilitation for Metro Colombo Local Authorities and Implementation.

ADB Loan 2546-SR: Eastern and North Central Provincial Road Project

July 2014

The Project was for the contract administration and construction supervision of 151 km of secondary roads (Class C & D), construction of associated bridges and major drainage work in the Eastern Province (Trincomalee and Batticaloa).

JICA Funded Provincial Road Development Project (PRDP) in Central & Sabaragamuwa Provinces Loan No: SL – P96

October 2015

The project was to rehabilitate and upgrade 365 km of secondary roads (Class C& D), construction of associated bridges and major drainage work in the Central Province (Kandy, Matale, and Nuwara Eliya Districts) and Sabaragamuwa Province (Ratnapura and Kegalle Districts).

Saudi funded Rehabilitation and Improvement of Roads under Road Network Development Project

August 2016

The project was to upgrade 9 selected Class A and B roads of 138.39 km length in Matale, Kandy, Trincomalee, Kegalle, Gampaha and Kurunegala.

ADB funded Integrated Roads Integrated Road Investment Programme in Southern Province (PIC 01)

May 2019

The project focused on three districts: Galle, Matara and Hambantota. Access roads connecting 150 GND’s: 65 GND’s in Galle, 45 in Matara and 40 in Hambantota have been selected based on existing road condition and development needs. A total of 1,186 rural and 14 national roads will be upgraded with a total length of 586 km and 113.8 km respectively.

ADB funded Northern Road Connectivity Project (Additional Financing)

December 2019

The project was to rehabilitate and improve 5 roads totalling 117.5 km including 95 km in the NCP and 49.88 km in the NP.

ADB funded Southern Road Connectivity Project – Loan No 3027

December 2019

The project was to improve the connectivity between the southern expressway network and the local transport network in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. The total length of the road sections to be improved span 31.3 km. Additionally, road section of 1.9 km of Ambatale to CINEC Junction was added in August 2017.

WB funded Strategic Cities Development Project; consulting services for Construction Supervision and Contract Administration of Improvements To; Katugastota – Madawala – Digana Road and Dharmashoka Mawatha in Kandy

April 2019

The project was to improve the Katugastota Madawala Section of Katugastota Madawala Bamarella Road, Madawala Digana Road and Dharmashoka Mawatha having a total 17.75 km for the rehabilitation. Katugastota Madawala Section of Katugastota Madawala Bamarella Road and Madawala Digana Road was terminated in September 2017 as per the request by the contractor.

Construction Supervision for Outer Circular Highway (OCH) – Northern Section II (OCH-NS II) – Kerawalapitiya to Kadawatha

June 2019

Section 3 of Outer Circular Highway (OCH-3) from Kadawatha to Kerawelapitiya is 9.6 km long and will have four lanes with interchanges in Kadawatha and Kerawalapitiya.

OPEC funded Badulla Chenkaladi Road from Badulla to Bibile – Component B

January 2020

The project was to rehabilitate 60 km from Badulla to Bibile has been divided to three equal sections as from to Passara (20 km), From Passara To Lunugala (21 km) and From Lunugala to Bibile (19 km).